100 Percent Home Loans

Jumbo Mortgage Refinance Loans offers 100 percent home loans and non conforming jumbo loans for qualified applicants. We provide financing solutions with 100% home mortgages that require no money down for home purchase loans and no equity for mortgage refinancing. Homebuyers can preserve their capital with our zero down home financing programs.

Our lending niche continues to provide borrowers with creative financing with better rates, higher loan to values and more exceptions than almost any other lender can offer. Borrowers continue to revisit our site for limited documentation loans, payment option ARM's and 1st and 2nd mortgage refinancing.

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Jumbo Mortgage Refinance Loans.com is a recognized national leader in the mortgage industry, because we put customers first. We are a California Corporation who services refinance, 2nd mortgage and debt consolidations loans in all 50 states.

100% Loan Programs Can Help 1st-Time Homebuyers

In a recent article, Brett Richards of the Huntington Mortgage Group analyzes the availability of loan programs for first time homebuyers. He notes that most Americans want to purchase a home, but can’t afford a 20% down payment? Richards lists several unique loan programs for assisting first-time buyers.

HUD Median Income: Most homebuyers, because they are fairly new in the financing world, make less than the average income for their county. Loan programs are available for up to 100 percent financing at great rates.

100% Home Financing : With a stellar credit history, you can qualify for 100 percent financing at a slightly higher rate than conforming rates. With a blemished credit history, 100 percent financing can be available, but the rates are higher, depending on the amount of late credit. These mortgage loans can be available in one loan to 100 percent or two loans of 75/25 programs to avoid PMI.

3% Down Loan Programs : With good credit, and even with damaged credit, consider FHA loans and down payment assistance programs can be used to raise the 3%.

Teacher, police officer, and firefighter loans: If you are a full-time or part-time state accredited school teacher, a school administrator, a police officer or a firefighter, you have earned some special consideration in the loan process. Up to 100% financing with expanded credit and expanded debt-to-income ratio guidelines is available. Income requirements might apply in certain areas.

Non-Owner Occupied Borrowers: Sometimes an individual doesn't have the credit history or the income to qualify. A relative can co-sign for the loan to assist on FHA financing. This is common with college students who want to buy a place to qualify for in-state tuition. The parents co-sign with them.