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Jumbo Refinance Loans

Jumbo Mortgage Refinance Loans serves homeowners with non-conforming refinancing and low jumbo mortgage rates and options for lower fixed rate payments, debt consolidation and cash out. We are an experienced jumbo mortgage lender located in Los Angeles, California who has been serving homeowners across the country for almost 20 years. Subprime borrowers residing in high cost regions may need to consider a bad credit jumbo mortgage, especially if the loan amount exceeds the FHA loan limits. Jumbo rates are currently a bit higher than conforming and Today's FHA rates.

Compare Competitive Jumbo Mortgage Rates for Home Refinancing and Cash Back Now!

Our lending niche remains the jumbo refinance. We provide borrowers million dollar mortgages with better rates, higher loan to values and more exceptions than almost any other lender can offer. Borrowers continue to revisit our site for stated income jumbo loans, payment option ARM's and 1st and 2nd mortgage loan consolidation. Low jumbo mortgage rates were difficult to locate over the last few years but in 2013, we may see more jumbo mortgage lenders offering affordable interest rates for high balance loans.

The U.S. government temporarily lifted the conforming and FHA limit a minimum of 125% of each county's average home price or $729,750, whichever is less. For most counties, the loan limitations will remain at $417,000 because the additional increase of 25% will not push the loan amount to the jumbo mortgage loan threshold. However, the jumbo home loan increase does affect two hundred and forty five counties in 29 states.

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Jumbo Mortgage
While in some housing sectors a home that cost a half a million dollars would be considered a mansion, in areas like California, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey and Virginia are simply the entry level home prices.

Any loan amount that exceeds $417,000 for single-family homes and condominiums in most states would be considered a jumbo home mortgage.

According to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac jumbo home loans are considered non-conforming mortgage and most lenders charge a slightly higher interest rate for jumbo home loans. With property values declining nationally, it will be interesting to see if Congress keeps the 2013 loan limits where it set the 2012 limits or if they will lower the loan limits for conventional and FHA financing.

We are a one of the leading national jumbo mortgage lenders, because we put customers first. We are a California Lending Corporation who services people seeking a refinance, purchase and home remodeling loans in all 50 states. Our lending niche when we started was centered on jumbo home loans and a decade later nothing has changed.

According to HSH Associates the average jumbo mortgage rate for 30-year fixed rate jumbo loan fell to 4%. The average jumbo mortgage rates remain higher than conforming interest rates because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have not been buying this pool of loans. The good news is that jumbo rates started to decline significantly in 2013. With more lenders emerging into the marketplace this year, we anticipate lower jumbo mortgage rates for home buying and refinancing.

*The above feature is a paid advertisement. Jumbo mortgage rates are subject to change without notice. All rate information is received directly from the lending institutions and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. A.P.R. is at 3% based on a 5/1 A.R.M.

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